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Maharashtra Talent Search Examination



Paper I - Mental Ability Test (MAT)
It will have a slightly higher difficulty level than the Mental Ability Paper of Scholarship Examination of Std. VII for Std. VIII, MTSE of Std. VIII for Std. IX and MTSE of Std. IX for Std. X.
Paper II - Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)
For Std. VIII, Std. IX and Std. X the syllabus will be as per the school syllabus for respective subjects and classes for the entire academic year. The students should use the regular prescribed text books prescribed for the academic year. It is expected that the student should thoroughly study the curriculum of the whole year.
Interview will be conducted only for Std. X carrying 50 marks.
There is no specific syllabus for the interview. The abilities such as understanding, analysis, application with respect to the school subjects will be tested. In addition, the knowledge of current national and international events, the environment in which one lives, achievements in extra-curricular activities in school, hobbies, sports etc., will also be considered.
Please note that this examination will be conducted on the whole syllabus for the respective standard. No part of the syllabus will be omitted.

There will beĀ  two written papers.
Total time : Three hours
It will be of multiple choice type. Four alternative answers will be provided for each question and the student has to select the appropriate answer.
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