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PRE-Engineering & Medical Entrance Examination

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  1. Incomplete application form will be rejected.

  2. If the amount sent by the student is less than the fee mentioned in this brochure, the application form will be rejected. No correspondence will be made in this regard.

  3. It is essential to contact this office if you don’t receive the acknowledgment of your application before end of December 2019.

  4. Under unavoidable circumstances, "Hon. Director" reserves the right to change the date, time & centre of exam.

  5. Prior permission of Hon. Director is essential to change the centre of examination.

  6. The centre is not responsible for any postal mishaps/delay.

  7. Fees, once paid, will not be refunded under any circumstances.

  8. Complaints / suggestions, regarding the exam. should be addressed to Hon. Director, CTSE in written form. Decision of the Hon. Director is final in all such matters.


CLICK here to Download the Application Form for PRE-Engineering & Medical Entrance Examination - 2020

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